There are more than 100 different species of maple around the world, each producing a wide variety of unique grain effects. Grains such as birdseye, tiger striped, curly, and even wormy are all sought-after patterns for customers looking for something special and uniquely expressive. 


The ash tree has been thought to hold mystical properties since antiquity, long been associated with wisdom, knowledge, and divination. In a number of legends, it's connected to the gods, and considered sacred. About 70 species of ash trees occur in the world. A unique oil gives ash wood the scent of fresh hay. Its beautiful grain makes ash a popular material for luxury furniture. The dark-on-light stripes are reminiscent of olive wood. We use only the finest quality solid ash wood for our EYWA™ Classics readers.


Alder has become a favorite of the environmentally conscious because of its sustainable harvesting and fast growth. Alder is prized for its fine, even texture. The high quality of alder wood makes it an excellent choice for furniture and interior decoration. This hardwood produces a fine grain with natural tan, rusty red, and brown tones. For our EYWA™ Classics and EYWA™ ART readers, we use black and gray alder. Alder resembles more expensive woods like mahogany and cherry. It is highly resistant to decay and moisture – there are cases where alder goods have lasted more than 3,000 years, demonstrating strength on a par with oak. Alder is also valued due to its relatively low electrical conductivity. Shortly after felling, the wood is white but rapidly develops a warm, light to dark reddish-brown hue in contact with air. 


Oak wood is a symbol of strength, power, longevity, and wealth. It has beautiful warm color and distinctive grain pattern. We’ve selected oak for our EYWA™ ART line because it is a precious wood to work with. Elegant EYWA™ ART readers made of oak add texture and sophistication to any space. This kind of hardwood is perfect for interiors where every inch tells a story. We use timber that has been properly seasoned and stabilized.