• No-touch Reality

Sensor buttons for Tuya Smart home

In 2021, the pandemic radically changed the situation in many sectors of the economy, such as construction, food services, retail and entertainment. They all faced one common problem: the active interaction of people with each other and with the material world.

The new digital reality that has come with the pandemic, the fear of touching and the remote communication format have confronted humanity with technological, social and legal challenges on a global scale. AGRG.DESIGN is capable of adapting to any changes and of deriving benefits from any changes for itself and its clients.

No-touch technologies as the basis of modern design

What people are looking for most is no-touch functionality. AGRG EYWA BUTTON R sensor button is based on a combination of high technology and the latest trends in modern design. The trends for 2021 reflect the desire for harmony between beauty, functionality and the wish to be closer to nature. AGRG EYWA BUTTON R is equipped with XENSIV™ 24 GHz radar technology by Europe's largest microelectronics manufacturer Infineon Technologies. It is also equipped with built-in complex presence-detection software and provides extremely high accuracy in detecting any moving object.


Unique smart home with intrusion protection

The ability to detect any movement makes AGRG EYWA BUTTON R a unique device of its kind that no other manufacturer of Smart Home systems could offer before. The sensor button supports two operation modes by Tuya Smart App. The first is a no-touch button (activate / deactivate the button by waving a hand 4 inches (10 cm) away). The second is a security radar sensor, which detects the speed, size and direction of movement of an object in a room (the approximate coverage of the area in ​​the room depends on the settings and is in the range of 100-270 ft2 (10-25 m²) per AGRG EYWA BUTTON R sensor).

Ideal for AGRG® EYWA® Readers

Beautiful AGRG EYWA reader
Interior button AGRG EYWA
Powered by Tuya

Complex scenarios of interaction in a simple interface

AGRG EYWA BUTTON R sensor button supports Tuya Smart technology, thus all devices with the Powered by Tuya logo (more than 500 types of products: lighting, household appliances, and security equipment) are fully compatible with each other and allow implementing complex interaction scenarios with ordinary users without involving specialized technical experts.

Highest detection accuracy

Radar technology

Radar technology offers unique advantages over traditional detection technologies used to detect human presence, such as ultrasonic or passive infrared (PIR) sensors, as well as over more modern laser technologies. Furthermore, the device is protected against false alarms and does not react to pets, which makes it possible to detect unauthorized intrusion into your home or office with the highest accuracy without additional window or door sensors.

We value the uniqueness of each button

Revival of craft traditions

A modern high-tech device cannot help but be environmentally friendly. Our natural materials and their processing methods make AGRG EYWA BUTTON R a luxury product. Each button is manufactured not merely by a digital-program controlled machine, but by a pair of very human hands. Each of our devices is processed by hand and retains the warmth of the hand of our wood-processing craftsmen. Restoring craft traditions is an important mission that AGRG.DESIGN supports and promotes together with the global design community. We value the uniqueness of each item, the natural texture of wood that you can only achieve by handling the woodworking. We want AGRG EYWA BUTTON to fill your interior with life, to make it special and to give it a personality.

Incredible natural textures 100%
Full cycle production 100%
High precision wood processing 60%
Handmade 40%
Natural body components 98%
Sealing micropores of wood 89%
AGRG® EYWA® BUTTON R diversity

AGRG® EYWA® BUTTON R basic models




Wood selection

Ash, Oak

any textures and colors available on site

Price from:

$475 / pc.

$665/ pc.

Individual features (additional to Classics or Art price)


$40/ pc.

Customer's logo engraving

$40/ pc.

Backlight color modifications

$200/ batch.


$270/ pc.