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About AGRG™ brand

Having started its history in 2009 as a small startup, AGRG™ has grown into one of the leading Russian manufacturers of integrated security systems. Our solutions in the field of video surveillance and access control are used by more than 500 Russian companies. Among them are 5 of the 10 largest domestic corporations in terms of revenue by RBC rating (RBC-500, as of the end of 2019): Gazprom, Rosneft, Russian Railways, Rostech, Surgutneftegaz.

Our experience and commitment to combine innovation and design lead to the development and production of new security solutions. Solutions that add value to our customers and emphasize their originality.


What we have done

The world's first designer solid wood readers

Thanks to modern technology, we produce completely new materials with unique characteristics based on natural wood. EYWA™ Classics readers exemplify the power of using natural materials.

Live and work in an enchanting, natural environment

Our work is always diverse and fascinating

Every tree has a story to tell. This shows in every plank that we handpick for our devices, each with its own unique texture and distinctive pattern.

Full life cycle production

We regulate and control each stage of the production process in-house, from the selection and processing of wood and to design and production of printed circuit boards, writing the microprograms, and final assembly and testing.

Made NOT in China

Most contemporary readers look practically indistinguishable, with monotonous gray or black plastic one-size-fits-all rectangular designs. They are all made in China and sold as OEM under generic names. They lack individuality, and organic variation.

For customers

Reading devices as external elements of security systems should not conflict with the interior and spoil the impression of the space.

For designers

We collaborate with interior designers and architects.

Change your project design

We help you select the right reader style and then provide suitable samples of our products.

Eywa Individual

You can choose any combination of colors and species of wood.

Become a dealer

We offer the best terms of cooperation.


A unique service for applying initials, logos and inscriptions on any device.

Nature in its purest form

Modern technologies and completely new unique materials based on natural wood.