• Clean Lines. Exquisite Style. Timeless Elegance.
    EYWA™ Classics

Perfect combination with your interior

Natural textures give uniqueness and exclusivity

Texture adds liveliness to any space and elevates a just-so design to the next level. EYWA™ Classics readers perfectly illustrate the power of natural materials to transform a room. The beauty of EYWA™ Classics readers lies in their simplicity – clean-cut shapes and incredible natural textures. If an object looks flat, the texture of wood makes it warm, alive, full of character.


Maple is an iconic tonewood used in various musical instruments. Feel the amazing polyphonic sound of our devices.

Silky Matte

EYWA™ Classics readers are treated with a blend of mineral, mountain, and animal waxes, like beeswax and natural carnauba wax. Natural wax deepens wood’s beauty, creates a silky matte finish, and prolongs the life of the original color.

Sealed Micropores

We use vacuum micropore sealing to treat the wood. Thanks to this modern technology, we are able to produce absolutely new eco-friendly materials with unique properties.
For you. For your business and success

Every tree has a story to share with you

EYWA™ Classics reader housings are made of finest solid wood - oak, maple, alder, and ash. We combine advanced technologies with centuries-old traditions of wood processing. If an object looks flat, the texture of wood makes it warm, alive, full of character. This contrast promotes a dramatic effect that acts as a magnet. Tangential and radial cross sections of wood and the millions of unique textures used in EYWA™ Classics complement the minimalistic lines and clean case design, giving our readers a special softness. 

Incredible natural textures 100%
Full cycle production 100%
High precision wood processing 60%
Handmade 40%
Natural housing components 98%
Sealed micropores of wood 89%
EYWA™ Classics Specifications

Case Material

Stabilized solid premium wood

UID Card Reading Range ISO14443A

up to 3 cm

Em-marine UID Card Reading Range

up to 3 cm

Supply Voltage

9V to 15V

Current Limit


Operating Temperature

-20°C to +60°C


20mm x 120mm x 50mm

RFID Card Format

125 KHz Em-marine (EM41XX),13.56MHz (ISO14443A)


Wiegand 26, 34

Event Alerting

Polyphonic, event type-dependent, 8bit


Various color options, event type-dependent, RGB LED

Interface Cable Length (Wiegand)


Housing Thermal Expansion Coefficient

(1,0±0,2) ·10-6 1/К

Shore D housing hardness (HDS)

≥ 45

Axial Shear Strength

≥ 5 MPa (≥ 50 kgf/cm2)