• AGRG™ EYWA™ — Nature’s Touch Towards Intelligence
    Every Tree Has a Story to Tell
  • Each tree is a unique fingerprint and the power of natural intelligence
    Wood Devices. Tailor Made

Every tree has a story to tell, which shows in every plank that we handpick for our devices.

This individuality and uniqueness of the material means that our work is always exciting and varied. It is our passion to produce intelligent security systems and other electronics for offices, hotels, and restaurants using naturally grown wood. We would like to invite you to immerse yourself in a history full of structure, refinement and advanced identification technologies…Learn more
Eywa Classics

Clean Lines. Exquisite Style. Timeless Elegance.

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Eywa ART

It doesn't matter what access control system you have. The only visible thing will be your readers.

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Eywa Individual

Choose any color and wood combinations. Mix, improvise, personalize!

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Natural textures signify uniqueness and exclusivity perfectly matching your interior.

The combination of a complex and lightweight grain structure with a flat design creates contrast and emphasizes charming simplicity and sophistication. This contrast promotes a dramatic effect that acts as a magnet.