• Personal design and technical characteristics. Endless possibilities.
    EYWA Individual

Logotype Application

A unique service of applying initials, inscriptions, logos and other symbols on any device.

Crystal Luminescence

Just like amber and crystals, we can combine wooden parts with epoxy resins to create perfect device that satisfies the boldest design style.

Metal Inlay

Unique decorative technique of insetting non-ferrous metal (gold, silver, platinum or copper) into specially prepared wood surfaces, as it was made in antiquity times.

Any Card Format

Support for any format of RFID cards: MIFARE DESFire, MIFARE Ultralight, MIFARE Plus, MIFARE Classic, ISO-14443A, NFC NTAG ,ICODE / ISO-15693, INDALA, HID.

Natural Light and Sound

Combine sounds with the breath of nature thanks to a library of specially selected audio-visual effects and multicolor LEDs.

Various Interfaces

Advanced interface support: Wiegand-37, Wiegand-40, Wiegand-42, Wiegand-58, iButton/DS1990A, RS-232
Corporate Identity

Milling the Logo

It's no secret that many companies have an identity guide that regulates the logo use and describes firm style constants — color palette, typography, iconography, and photographic style. We have been asked increasingly for equipment of the Individual collection, which should correspond to the brand book in colors and must have the company logo printed on the devices. We can do the logos in two ways — milling and laser engraving. Milling is the most aesthetic option. But there are additional requirements for the logo and limitations (the field size, image lines depth, positioning on device, minimum radius of curvature, etc).

Corporate Identity

Laser Engraving

Opposite to milling, laser engraving allows to apply more complex logos and removes the limit on line thickness and corner rounding. Due to the inhomogeneity of the wood structure, the laser leaves a beautiful textured surface in the place of interaction. It is also possible to execute with slopes, grids, etc. But this type of application looks better, in our experience, only on the devices with dark colors.

Natural sounding and light indication

Devices blend sounds together with the breath of nature and reveal the inner world of each device.

EYWA™ Wave
A library of specially selected audio-visual effects. With 256 variations of multicolor LEDs, you can choose the perfect light for your interior. Follow up with the right sound to bring the impression together. EYWA™ Wave is your individuality embodied in our readers.

Select your theme

Dimming white decorative light.
Identifier accepted — blinking white.
Access granted — orange.
Access denied — blinking red.

Subdued purple decorative light.
Identifier accepted — blinking blue.
Access allowed — white.
Access denied — blinking red


Live videos


Uniqueness of epoxy resin

The original properties of epoxy resin allow us capture fleeting moments in nature. Feel the breath of an autumn forest with a piece of moss beautifully embedded in resin. A combination of limpid, tinted epoxy resin and encased glitter or gold / silver foil flakes, shimmering in the rays of interior lighting, will add a personal touch to access control elements in your space.

Incredible natural textures 100%
Full cycle production 100%
High precision wood processing 60%
Handmade 40%
Natural housing components 98%
Sealed micropores of wood 89%
EYWA® Individual Specifications

Case Material

Stabilized solid premium wood. Epoxy resin.

UID Card Reading Range ISO14443A

up to 3 cm

Em-marine UID Card Reading Range

up to 3 cm

Supply Voltage

9V to 15V

Current Limit


Operating Temperature

0°C to +40°C


20mm х 120mm х 50mm
20mm x 175mm x 50mm — EYWA Crystal

RFID Card Format

125 KHz Em-marine (EM41XX), 13.56MHz (ISO14443A), MIFARE, ICODE, NDALA, CheckPoint, KIBI, NTAG NFC


Wiegand 26, 34, 37, 40, 42, 58
iButton / DS1990A

Event Alerting

Polyphonic, event type-dependent, 8bit


Various color options, event type-dependent, RGB LED

Interface Cable Length (Wiegand)


Housing Thermal Expansion Coefficient

(1,0±0,2) ·10-6 1/К

Shore D housing hardness (HDS)

≥ 45

Axial Shear Strength

≥ 5 MPa (≥ 50 kgf/cm2)


Broadband speaker, 0.5 W