• Colors play and enliven the space with their diversity. Endless spectrum.
    EYWA™ Art

EYWA™ Art Crystal

Epoxy resin decorative components refresh the look of a reader, resembling agate chips, purple amethyst druse, aquamarine fluorites, and transparent or pinkish quartz crystals.

EYWA™ Art Diamond Velvet

Admire the amazing combinations of polygons and polylines. And also feel the special sophistication of the new velvet texture. Vector stylization and polygonal geometric shapes create a stylish futuristic effect in contemporary interiors.

EYWA™ Art Intarsia

EYWA™ Art Intarsia — uniquely designed using a technique of inlaying non-ferrous metals into the prepared wooden surface. Metal elements (gold, silver) bring the composition to a whole new level, making it even more precious and unique. We can surely guarantee that our oak housings will look great for years. 

EYWA™ Art Inclus

The unique properties of epoxy resin allow us capture fleeting moments in nature. Feel the breath of an autumn forest with a piece of moss beautifully embedded in resin. A combination of limpid, tinted epoxy resin and encased glitter or gold / silver foil flakes, shimmering in the rays of interior lighting, will add a personal touch to access control elements in your space.

Security is an Art

A Dash of a Color Splash

Konstantin Stanislavski, a famous Russian theatre director and an inventor of the most influential theory of acting, once said, "the theatre begins at the cloakroom". With this in mind, it’s little wonder that people place a great amount of importance on first impressions. 

If you are passionate about every single detail in the design of your contemporary office, luxury hotel, or stunning modern home, if you share the philosophy of hospitality, you have carefully selected works of art, appliances, and decor that blend together in one harmonious ensemble. Let us add balance and a touch of opulence to your access control system. As genuine art pieces made with marble, onyx and fine wood panels, EYWA™ ART readers will instantly grab your guests’ attention. Our elegant EYWA™ ART readers can be customized to fit any access control system.

Incredible natural textures 100%
Full cycle production 100%
High precision wood processing 60%
Handmade 40%
Natural housing components 98%
Sealed micropores of wood 89%
EYWA™ Art Specifications

Case Material

Stabilized solid premium wood. Epoxy resin.

UID Card Reading Range ISO14443A

up to 3 cm

Em-marine UID Card Reading Range

up to 3 cm

Supply Voltage

9V to 15V

Current Limit


Operating Temperature

-20°C to +60°C


20mm х 120mm х 50mm
20mm x 175mm x 50mm — EYWA Crystal

RFID Card Format

125 KHz Em-marine (EM41XX), 13.56MHz (ISO14443A)


Wiegand 26, 34

Event Alerting

Polyphonic, event type-dependent, 8bit


Various color options, event type-dependent, RGB LED

Interface Cable Length (Wiegand)


Housing Thermal Expansion Coefficient

(1,0±0,2) ·10-6 1/К

Shore D housing hardness (HDS)

≥ 45

Axial Shear Strength

≥ 5 MPa (≥ 50 kgf/cm2)


Broadband speaker, 0.5 W